Thursday, January 20, 2011

Give it up 2011

So my wife and I have been doing No Junk Food January, with some success. Although I have not hit my workout goals, I am eating healthier, AND I am working out some which is good. Due to this success Kaci and I have decided to give up one thing per month in 2011.
This is what we have so far:

1) No Junk Food January (give up junk food)
2) Home TV Free February (No watching TV at home)
3) Home Meal’s March (No eating out)
4) Early Bird April (Wake up early EVERY DAY, still tentative)

So we still have about eight months to go. If you have any ideas let me know. (also if you could make it semi rhymie that would be great also).


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Tucson Massacre that was Obviously Caused by Sarah Palin… NOT!

The shootings this past weekend in Tucson Arizona were horrible. A nine year old girl was killed, along with six (I think) others, and several others were wounded. It sickens me to think that someone would ruthlessly fire into a crowd while trying to assassinate one politician.

What also sickens me is when people point the finger. When the columbine massacre happened it was the fault of bullies heavy metal music and guns. When a teenager is repeatedly violent it is because they weren’t properly socialized as a child, and most recently when I man attempts to assassinate a congresswoman and murders several people it is the fault of Sarah Palin. Really folks? Really?? Where is the line? When do we point the finger at the person who pulled the trigger? When does it come back to them? Because it seems to me that the things that take the most heat are not the ones who should be held accountable.

Now lets take a look at the logic behind some of these arguments.


After the tragedy at Columbine heavy metal rock groups were in part blamed for the violence that took place. Among other things, Bullies, Guns and Heavy Metal were also blamed for what happened. I would say that probably thousands of kids each year are bullied, thousands more listen to heavy metal music, and thousands more have access to gun(s). So why aren’t there more of these shootings? I mean if those are the things that are to be blamed, then why aren’t there more shootings? They should be right? I mean if these three things mixed together is an explosive combination then why isn’t it happening more often?

Violent Children

I will keep this one anonymous as the child involved was a minor, but my knowledge is based on first hand accounts.
I heard a story of a child who was repeatedly violent and was sent before a judge. When the child’s (teenager) defense attorney gave his defense he said that the minor had been home schooled, and therefore was not properly “socialized” and was unaware of how to function in normal society. Really? Awesome, so if that holds true I could be as violent as I wanted because I was home schooled right?? Wrong! I am, and should be held accountable for my actions. Additionally, thousands if not millions of kids are home schooled each year, so why isn’t society MORE violent.


Because Sarah Palin had crosshairs on some of the districts where the Republicans were campaigning hard against Democrats it is obvious to me and everyone else that she caused this young man to murder innocent people. Oh, wait, NO! What the heck?? I’m a Conservative and the cross hairs didn’t have that mystical magical effect on me. It didn’t make me want to shoot people, and even if it did it doesn’t mean I would do it. There are millions of conservatives out there, and if Sarah Palin really did have this effect on people because of her election map then we would be looking at a civil war not at a one time shooting of a mad man.

The fact is, the people who do these things are mentally disturbed and possibly demon possessed. How can we hold anyone responsible except for the people who commit these crimes? I’ll admit society has it’s short comings. We are sinners, and we are sinned against just as we sin. There are consequences for our sin (namely death), and when God looks down and judges all of humanity He will not excuse sin, He will not justify sin, he WILL punish sin. So why do we try to excuse these things away? Why do we try to pass the blame? Have we lost all sense of personal responsibility? Stop pointing the finger and take responsibility.

I thank God, that he sent his son Jesus to die on the cross that his perfect blood will pay the price for my sin, and the sin of others who believe and confess that Jesus is lord. Even with that said, there are earthly consequences to my actions, that I must take responsibility for. I just pray that I am man enough to accept that responsibility for my actions and the actions of my family.



Monday, January 10, 2011

Star Wars Nerd Level

I am a Star Wars Nerd.

My favorite movie when I was four was Return of the Jedi (mostly because of the space Battle of Endor). I remember going to the library and renting that movie repeatedly. It was awesome.
As I got older my love for THE Trilogy increased, I started reading books, the new adventures of Han, Leia, Luke and Chewie. I was told by one of my friends that I may be a super nerd. I think you guys can decide for yourself. Here is a list of some of the games I have played and some of the books I have read.

  • Games
    o PC Games
    § Dark Forces
    § Dark Forces 2
    § X-Wing Collection*
    § Tie Fighter Collection
    § X-Wing vs Tie Fighter
    § X-Wing Alliance
    § Rebellion*
    § Rebel Assault
    § Rebel Assault 2
    § Jedi Knight
    § Jedi Knight: Mysteries of the Sith
    § Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast
    § Empire at War
    § Knights of the Old Republic
    § Galactic Battlegrounds
    § Rogue Squadron*
    § Droid Works
    o X-Box/PS2 Games
    § Knights of the Old Republic 2
    § Jedi Starfighter*
    § Jedi Starfighter 2*
    § Obi-Wan*
    § Battlefront
    § Battlefront 2
    § Republic Commando
    o X-Box 360 Games
    § The Force Unleashed

  • Books
    o Novels
    § A New Hope*
    § Episode 1: The Phantom Menace*
    § Episode 2: Attack of the Clones*
    § Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith*
    § Shadows of the Empire
    § The Truce at Bakura
    § The Courtship of Princess Leia
    § Jedi Search
    § Dark Apprentice
    § Champions of the Force
    § Children of the Jedi
    § The Crystal Star
    § Before the Storm
    § Shield of Lies*
    § The New Rebellion*
    § Ambush at Corellia
    § Assault at Selonia
    § Showdown at Centerpoint
    § Heirs of the Force
    § Shadow Academy
    § Rogue Squadron*
    § Wedge’s Gamble*
    § The Paradise Snare
    § The Hutt Gambit
    § Rebel Dawn
    § Darth Maul: Shadow Hunter
    § Han Solo: At Star’s End*
    § Tales from the Empire*
    § Tales from the Bounty Hunters*
    o Reference
    § Essential Guide to Characters
    § Essential Guide to Characters 2
    § Essential guide to Vehicles
    § Essential guide to Weapons and Technology
    § Star Wars Insider (Magazine)

Well, there you have it. That pretty much sums up my Star Wars studies outside of the movies , I may have missed or overlooked some things, but you have enough information to make your decision. Have I achieved “Uber Nerd” status?

*Denotes an item that was started but not finished.

Men V Boys

Before I start I should issue a disclaimer—I was this boy at one time. Also the focus on this is Biblical manhood not how “Christians view women”. I want to stay focused on Men V Boys

A Very Very Very Very Extremely Short Intro to Biblical Manhood

There are boys and there are men, and I don’t think a clear distinction between them is always made. Men are supposed to work, and the work may not be fun (as after the fall of man God made work a labour intensive process Gen: 3:17). You see because of the fall of man (and by man I mean humanity) God gave men (males) a curse, and that curse is work. He is supposed to provide for his wife and family. God gave also gave women a curse but for the purposes of this post I want to stick mans (male) curse.


So God gave the Men work to do. So if you are a Christian Man you should be providing for your family. Your wife should have the choice to work but should not in any circumstances be obligated or forced to work outside of the home. Remember that women have their own burden(s) to bear in life, they don’t need one more especially one that God gave specifically to males. If a man wants a family one day he will make sure that he has the ability to support said family (or will have) before entering into a serious relationship.


Lets be honest, men don’t go to college, boys do. In today’s society high school now last 8-12 years. That’s right! It’s called college. The best part about your last 4-8 years is that there is NO parental supervision, AND you can drink! It is amazing! You have little responsibility (with the exception of studies), your parents send you money, OR you get a bunch of money from this great bank or these things called student loans. (which you won’t have to pay back til later) If you do have a job it is probably one that a high school student could just as easily handle. To be honest college is amazing.

Men V Boys

This is where the hang up comes. You are out of college (or almost out) and you don’t want to leave that college mind set. Why would you? College was great why can’t it go on forever? Here is where we get to find out if you will be a man or a boy. I jotted down a couple of things that may help you figure this out.

Men will get a job, they will take anything they can find to get some money while they look for a career.
Boys will move in with their parents or girlfriend while they endlessly search for the “perfect job”.

Men will intentionally pursue the woman they like, and clearly states said intentions.
Boys will have an ambiguous relationship that leads a girl on, but breaks her heart.

Men pursue Christian women because of their heart for Jesus
Boys pursue will pursue non-Christians because they are “in love” (more like lust) or it “feels good”

Men will work their backsides off to pay off as much of their accumulated college debt as possible.
Boys don’t mind borrowing a little more.

Men will get married because they want to support and lead (as a servant) a family.
Boys will get married because they need support. (As a parasite to it’s host) OR in the Christian case because they want to have sex.

Men will take responsibility of his actions and the actions of his family
Boys would rather push their responsibilities off on someone else (maybe their wife?)

Men carry their curse
Boys give their curse to their wives

Boys can be some of the nicest people I know, but I do not respect them. I was that boy once, unemployed, supported by someone else, not really in college, not really looking for work. Jesus saved me from that. I have had great teachers in my life show me what kind of a man Jesus wants me to be. I have the Bible which tells me what kind of Man I am supposed to be, and I struggle towards that every day. I am not all the way there, and I may never really be, but thanks to Jesus I am now a more mature man that I once was.

Glory to God forever,

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Paper Airplane

If you would have known me in my youth you would have known that I do enjoy making paper airplanes. From your standard Fliers to Sprinters, to gliders, I used to (try) to fold them all. I remember when I was in elementary/middle school and I used to make a standard paper airplane fill the middle with toothpicks and throw them at “action figures”. The effect was a sort of dive bombing, and occupied hours of my brother and I’s time. I was proud of MY paper airplane making skills. I still remember how to make some planes, but I have long since lost my paper airplane book, and my interest has declined.

This past Sunday Brother Minister Barker, talked about Genesis 1:1, and how “God created the Heavens and the Earth”. He talked about how he (Barker) made a snow ball, but then he went into all the details of what was necessary to “make” a snow ball. About how the water has to be 32 Degrees, and the atmospheric pressure has to be just right, and how Earths Gravity has to be just right, and how water hast to have first evaporated and be carried by earths winds. And for the wind to exist the earth has to rotate. The Earths rotation has to be just perfect so it doesn’t go crashing into the sun. It really blew my mind. God made all of this out of nothing.

Humanity has made some pretty amazing things, I work downtown so I get to marvel at some of them on a daily basis, from the HUGE sky scrapers to the vehicles that get me to work every day. Yet everything we “make”, from Brandon Barkers snowballs to my paper airplanes to the Space Shuttle, comes from something that God made from nothing. Not only does God give us the natural recourses to build things, he has given us the laws of physics that allow us to build some of the most amazing things on Earth. Even with our ability to manipulate to "create" nothing will ever compare to some of the most beautiful things God has created without the help of a human hand.

I look in awe at all that He has created and I am speechless.


Saturday, January 1, 2011

No Junk Food January

So last year I sat silently by while my future wife refused to eat junk food. I was surprised by her resolve as some of her less than disciplined friends fell off the wagon, she was indomitable and completed “No Junk Food January” with her head held high.

This year will be different, as I have decided to take on this challenge. Overall it isn’t as “extreme” as some of the cleanses or “diets” I have tried in the past, but it will be more than I have done the past year as far as watching what I eat.

That being said, here are our rules:

1) No dessert, candy, ice cream or anything like this
2) No fried stuff (that includes potato chips)
3) No beer or white wine (red wine is okay)
4) No pastries from starbucks/quiktrip/caribou
5) No food with excessive amount of cheese
6) Store bought pizza/carryout pizza not okay, but homemade pizza okay.
7) Only “Sugar Free” energy drinks (don’t worry, no aspartame)
a. Additionally I won’t be drinking these during the week. (which I do anyway :P)

Also, I am going to start working out three times a week, since I haven’t worked out since the living history farms race.