Friday, February 18, 2011

Since my last update...

Working Out

Well I am working out now, just getting back into it really. I started Saturday, we did a ton of reps with light weight. I was literally sore for four days afterwards. Sunday we did cardio just 30 minutes on the elliptical and every five minutes we do a 30 second speed burst. (that was ok). Wednesday I attempted the leg routine but sprained my glut on the first set of lunges, and it is really REALLY sore today, so I did another 30 minutes on the elliptical did some leg extensions and called it good.


I am currently reading “A Game of Thrones” which is a good book, but long, and I am not a very fast reader. (well not as fast as Kaci anyway). I am also reading “Doctrine” by Mark Driscoll, it is really good, he has some insights in to parts of doctrine I haven’t really thought about. While I enjoy Doctrine it is very dry and deep, so it is hard to take large chunks of the book at a time, but it is enjoyable none the less. Last week I started reading (at B&N) “The Virtue of Selfishness” by Ayn Rand, interesting indeed, I always enjoy listening to atheists speak of ethics, when there is no real moral authority. While I do appreciate her views on capitalism she goes a bit overboard with it I think. I am excited to continue this book the next time I am in B&N.

News Stuff

I have kind of followed the Egypt thing with some vested interest, but I ultimately realize that God is the one who takes down and brings up leaders. I have found the Wisconsin labor union strikes much more interesting. I may write a carefully worded blog regarding my views on it. (I’m sure Kelsey will be thrilled)

Self Control 2011 Update

Still chuggin along with “Home TV Free Feb” although I had a dream I messed it all up, but dreams don’t count I guess. I still miss TV, and have got to watch some this past week at “The Pound” (The Pound = A house where 4 of my friends live as roommates. Oh and three Dogs live there as well (Thus “the pound”)) I watched some “Top Shot” along with my favorite show “The Office”. Anyway, I still miss waking up Saturday mornings and playing video games.


Board games—We have played a lot of “Dominion” which is just an awesome game, Kaci and I have two sets, and our friend Derek has all the expansions which means that there are endless possibilities as to how the game could be played. Kaci and I have also enjoyed “Stone Age” we are still getting the hang of the strategy piece though. Video Games—As stated above I haven’t been able to play video games, BUT!! I have read articles about them, specifically “Dragon Age 2” and “Elder Scrolls Skyrim”, both look like awesome games! So it bums me out that I can’t play. Oh well, I still need to beat Dragon Age 1 before I can really look at Dragon Age 2.

Married Life

Not gonna lie, this month has been a bit harder than some of the other months, but I think that is good to an extent. It has opened up some good conversation between Kaci and I and it has ultimately made us more holy. (which is the point, right??) I am still in awe of what an awesome woman Kaci is. She is in a constant state of reflection. If she is annoyed by something she immediately looks at what she could do to change it, instead of yelling at me, or blaming me. We have been trying to cut back on our spending recently, which is never easy, but Kaci is always finding deals and ways we can save money. She recently got $75 in free food (yeah, amazing I know). Also she is a great cook!! (and by great I mean amazing). I know, my wife is awesome. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Kaci and I had an amazing valentines day (really though it was three days), we had some great Pizza (made by me, and not frozen, from scratch) great steaks, great mashed potatoes, a great time reading together, a great time playing games!! it was amazing!!

Church Stuff

Overall it has been great! Developing new friendships and relationships, keeping old ones, deepening community, loving and worshiping Jesus. Yeah, I love my church.

So that’s about it, oh, and Kaci and I leave for Florida Wednesday!! Yeah! Vacation time sucka!

Because that’s the way the cookie crumbles,


Friday, February 11, 2011

TV Out, Stress In

This month is "Home TV Free February", so Kaci and I ceremonially unplugged our TV on the evening of 01/31/2011.

To be honest I thought it would be hard to be at home without TV, I mean Kaci and I both keep pretty busy throughout the week, and when we are home we can simply read. I was right. It is hard but managable, however, what I didn't plan on was the increased amount of stress.

As it turns out I use the TV to unwind/relax, and with out it stress just seems to build. I have tried reading, and relaxing with my eyes closed, but nothing really seems to be able to relax me like watching an episod of the office for the thousanth time.

I think my dependance on TV has really shone through this month, and I may need to consider fasting from it on a more regular basis so I am not dependant on it. I am also going to start working out with a buddy of mine, so that should help too.

That is all... FOR NOW!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 Levit 2 Quit

I have been reading through the Bible in a year Chronologically, and I am currently in Leviticus.

One of the more interesting things I am finding is that a good chunk of "The Law" regarding clean and unclean things are for the health of the Israelites. Things like, "don't touch dead animals" and if someone has a skin disease they are considered "unclean" and have to be quarantened. What did this do? It kept people healthy, disease couldn't easily spread, or be contracted. God didn't want people to horribly die, so he took care of them, by building a health program of sorts into the law.

This to me is awesome. I always thought that "The Law" was put in place to point out our sin, (and it was) BUT it also a way in which God takes care of us. Even in the Law we can see God's love for us. Granted we have moved beyond the "clean" and "unclean" part of the Law as Jesus has now paid the ultimate sacrifice, as detailed in Hebrews and Romans, but it think that it is good to know that even we didn't have Jesus, God still showed his love to us (humanity) through the law.

That is all,