Friday, February 11, 2011

TV Out, Stress In

This month is "Home TV Free February", so Kaci and I ceremonially unplugged our TV on the evening of 01/31/2011.

To be honest I thought it would be hard to be at home without TV, I mean Kaci and I both keep pretty busy throughout the week, and when we are home we can simply read. I was right. It is hard but managable, however, what I didn't plan on was the increased amount of stress.

As it turns out I use the TV to unwind/relax, and with out it stress just seems to build. I have tried reading, and relaxing with my eyes closed, but nothing really seems to be able to relax me like watching an episod of the office for the thousanth time.

I think my dependance on TV has really shone through this month, and I may need to consider fasting from it on a more regular basis so I am not dependant on it. I am also going to start working out with a buddy of mine, so that should help too.

That is all... FOR NOW!

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Cindy said...

You could always call or email your mom, that is very relaxing or maybe clean your apartment.