Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Chick-FIL-A Where's the Message?

As most of you know the head of chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy, said things that were viewed as offensive by the homosexual community. This then led to a proposed boycott of chick-fil-a, and then in response (to the proposed boycott) various communities of pro-freedom of speech, and pro-Christ and some Anti Gay activists standing up and backing Chic-Fil-A. I personally think this turned out poorly for people of both sides, but understand where both sides are coming from… allow me to explain.
What is the message?/What does the other side hear?
Whenever anyone boycotts something the message always gets jumbled/confusing. For instance when the boycott was proposed was it to show that the Christian principles of Chick-Fil-A are wrong? Was it a boycott of Christianity itself? Or is it just a boycott of the head of Chick Fil A? Furthermore what did the Mr. Cathy say that was so inflammatory? What about his statement caused such an uproar? Was it that he said he supports the ‘traditional biblical’ definition of family? I am sure the reason why the homosexual community is boycotting chick fil a is because they feel hurt/persecuted and not accepted in the community. They hear: ‘Jesus cannot accept you. Change BEFORE you become a Christian. Homosexuals need not apply.’
And to those of you supporting Chick Fil A, why are you showing up in protest of the proposed boycott? In watching news coverage I see things from freedom of speech to religious reasons, once again the message is incredibly jumbled. Putting aside the political/freedom of speech angle, I think the Christian community feels one of their own is being persecuted, and as part of that persecution they want to stand up and fight against it. I know I did, I wanted to take out my sword, like Peter, and attack those who would attack my brothers and sisters in Christ. This is what Christians hear: ‘You are behind the times! Your God is dead, change! become more progressive! Don’t cling to your ancient religion! you are a bunch of close minded bigots!’
So how are the protests going? What are you saying?

Wouldn't it be easier to sit down and have a conversation with someone of the opposing viewpoint? If you are a homosexual, or think that Christians are being bigoted, sit down and talk with a Christian, 1 on 1 (talk to me if you would like). If you are a Christian sit down with a homosexual 1 on 1, explain Jesus love for you, for them, and YES even about Hell. Explain to them how badly you want to see them saved from Hell, tell them about family friends and family members that have passed that you mourn daily becasue they didn't profess the name of Jesus.
At the end of the day I will stand up and be counted as one of those Christian folks who believe that homosexuality is wrong and a sin, just as I believe viewing porn or rape is wrong and likewise sins. Feel free to persecute me all you want for those beliefs. But I want you to know, that Jesus loves you, He will accept you as you are (a sinner) and He will change you. He did that for me.
With Love